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Three Drops from a Cauldron and Bottle Pirates

A micro poem for micro pirates. Bottle Pirates is up at Three Drops from a Cauldron today, along with fellow pieces that play with myths, legends, folklore, fables, and fairy tales. Here’s Issue One. Enjoy!

Alice Ate Mushrooms with New South Journal

I have a new micro prose piece up at New South Journal today. Another retelling of the always retellable Alice in Wonderland. Before she went to space, Alice Ate Mushrooms. She collected asteroids from the belt, saved stars, spilled milk, spun dust, fished for stars, and jumped into tea.

A happy belated New Year’s. It’s the Year of the Monkey! Here is an amazing video of some very zen snow monkeys.

Alice in Twitterlands

Some new Twitter fiction this week, mixing up Alice in five different wonderlands. Her adventures involve the Queen’s tarts, a dropped ball, borrowed shoes, her magic looking glass, and a house with edible eaves.

These stories were published in 7×20, a long-running Twitter fiction and poetry magazine that is currently edited by Julia Patt. They’re looking for 140 character or less submissions (and take reprints), so if you have something, consider submitting!

Eating Glass Ceilings at The Offing

I have a micro poem—Glass, Ceiling—up at the wonderful new lit mag, The Offing, a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, today. A little Hansel and Gretel in space-inspired retelling. Enjoy!

Catching Constellations with Hairnets on The Teacup Trail

I have a tiny poem called Hair Constellation up at The Teacup Trail, a lovely Tumblr-based lit + art magazine. It’s Rapunzel reimagined. Star watcher. Star catcher. Star shaper. Read it here.

Curious about The Berkeley Fiction Review

My watercolor, “Curious Child,” is included in Issue 34 of the Berkeley Fiction Review. The issue’s cover art is by Donna Choi.

Berkeley Fiction Review Issue 34CE Hyun - Curious Child WatercolorBerkeley Fiction Review Issue 34.
I also had two Twitter fiction publications in January and February:  Barnacle Hug in Cuento and Honeycomb Maze in 7×20.

5 Little 7×20 Stories

Read them @7×20.  One new story and four old stories retelling Beanstalk Jack, Little Red, Long-Haired Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty.

Glass Slippers and Rubber Boots, 140 and Counting

140 and Counting140 and Counting is available now on Amazon for Kindle.  It’s an anthology of exactly 141 stories and poems compiled from Twitter magazine 7×20.  One of mine (actually, my first ever published Twitter story) is included in the “jurassic sushi,” aka science fiction and fantasy, section.

Editor Joanne Merriam on Twitter fiction:  “it shoehorns a little literature into people’s days, between celebrity updates and friends’ witticisms, creating a small opportunity for reflection that might otherwise have been lost.”  It’s a way to shoehorn a little writing into your life, also, and fun to boot.

Giant Tomatoes and a Curious Mandrake

Eva fell down the rabbit hole into a special garden.  Read what she found @7×20.

Pitchfork-Wielding Witches and Love Potions

Read it here or @onefortyfiction.  They took the silver brick road.