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Pitchfork-Wielding Witches and Love Potions

Read it here or @onefortyfiction.  They took the silver brick road.

The Quest for Mystical Porridge

Read it @cuentomag.  Colin needs to put together a team.

Mermaids that Fell out of the Sky into New Horizons

The British Fantasy Society's BFS JournalMy short story THE CITY OF LONELY LIGHTS was published in The British Fantasy Society’s BFS Journal this April.  It’s about Selby, a young chemist, who arrives in the city of Mermaid’s Jewel for a three-month business trip.  She meets a strange young man named Calvin, who introduces her to the mermaids and has his own otherworldly secret.

The BFS Journal is comprised of three magazines, and my story is part of New Horizons, which focuses on newer writers and is edited by Andrew Hook.  Fellow New Horizons writers are Jim Steel, Darren J. Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, and William H. Wandless.  The issue’s cover art is by Daniele Serra.

An excerpt:

The night she met Calvin, it was pouring and she was running back to the hotel.  She had been given free tickets to the ballet.  It was less than five blocks away and she needed to get out, even if it was only by herself.  She had forgotten to plan for the rain and arrived at the hotel with her long coat soaked through and her skirt sticking to her thighs like pantyhose.

And there Calvin was, ethereal in the rain, standing under the eave of her hotel.  Not smoking, not waiting.  Just standing.  Selby stood next to him as she caught her breath, staring out at the downpour that she had escaped from.

It was strange because Calvin hadn’t seemed to notice when she approached, and she had been splashing and breathing heavily.  But as Selby watched him out of the corner of her eye, he seemed to wake and slowly turned his head to meet her gaze.  Looking back, Selby wasn’t sure what prompted her to do what she did.

She removed a candle from her bag.  (The candle was from a dinner several nights back, where the hostess decided that a group activity involving aromatherapy and art was in order to end the night on a festive note.)  She held the candle toward Calvin.  “Have a light?”

He put his hand into his coat pocket, pulling out a lighter.  As he moved to light the candle, Selby received a closer look at his face.  His eyelashes were like feathers and she wanted to brush her finger against the ends.